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Mr. Jonathan Quek

Mr. Jonathan Quek

It’s been a strange year to say the least, and as 2020 comes to an end and the festive season draws upon us, I visit my friend Jonathan Quek at his home for cup of coffee on a warm sunny afternoon, distinctively different than the cloudy, cool weather we are all used to these days.

Jonathan Quek is an accomplished architect at RT+Q Architects, and a father to three energetic children. His home is designed by him, of course, and resonates his modern style from the moment you walk into the door. He greets us with a warm smile, looking super comfortable in his Edmmond Studios Organic cotton printed tee and brushed cotton drawstring pants.

We spoke about how 2020 has been for Jonathan, who’s been keeping himself busy with work, and has taken up cycling to “explore Singapore from a new perspective through its built environment and underrated hidden pockets of greens” along with his kids.

Jonathan is visibly very happy to be living his passion. “Architecture is the mother of all arts. It has inspired me, sustained my family and driven me to valleys and peaks of my experiences in my life. I have had the privilege to express myself through this profession for the last 15 years.”

The central feature of the home is the swimming pool, which radiates a calming effect across the entire home and is accessible from every room. The dry kitchen doubles as a bar when the sliding doors are opened up, offering a fantastic flow of human movement and interaction.

At home he chooses to wear “anything comfortable that I don't need to get out of to hit some tennis balls on the court or jump into the pool with the kids.”

As an architect, he is a creative person with a penchant for the arts. He says, “Keeping up with styles and trends is important. Accepting this translates to preferences and invariably people’s taste, while upholding our design ethos and core values as a designer. Ensuring our attire is befitting that of our noble profession is central. We are in the business of designing beautiful things after all, surrounding ourselves and wearing nice things comes with the territory!”

He's a busy guy, and I’m sure managing several projects across Singapore with the current labour situation isn’t easy. Jonathan was delighted with his delivery from Mr. Square, which certainly lifted his spirits! Just in time for Christmas!

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